Welcome to Bright Blossom

Bright Blossom Communications is a small business based in Honolulu, Hawai'i dedicated to helping clients with social media marketing, website design, online sales, promotion, and a myriad of miscellaneous online endeavors.

Bright Blossom offers consultations, management, and online lessons.

You have something special to give the world.

Now, it's time to grow and bloom.

"It is Bright Blossom Communications' mission to celebrate, empower, and support all individuals and groups on their creative paths."

Nature teaches us that good things take time.

Take a flower for instance. Radiant, colorful, beautiful, alluring, and dignified.

It starts from planting seeds into rich soil. The roots carve their way up to the

surface and are greeted with fresh air.

With a little sun and a little rain, a new leaf appears;

a promise of what’s to come.

More leaves emerge and take their energy from the sun,

making way for a new bud to reveal itself.

With a little time, the petals grow and one day unfurl towards the sun.

A full bloom filled with grace and wonder.

Bright Blossom Communications is the rich soil to nurture, support, and supply you with everything you need to bloom into all you can be.

All it takes is an idea or seed of inspiration to start the growing process.

As you venture further into the digital world, you may face some rain from setbacks.

Sometimes, you will receive sunshine from friendly followers and new opportunities.

Either way, it takes a bit of both to help one grow,

and Bright Blossom Communications is here to support you through the whole process.

Why invest in your online presence?

As the world goes through its process of change, businesses and freelancers are getting creative in their approach in continuing their vision.


We are witnessing business and communication as we know it transform before our eyes, and for some of us, this can be quite daunting.


There’s never been a better and more important time to be represented and present online than now. As the world shifts, we must follow suit.

What makes Bright Blossom Communications special?

Bright Blossom Communications is run by one person, Chloe Tomomi. Chloe is extremely caring, insightful, honest, and thoughtful. This makes for a very personalized and friendly experience that feels like warm camaraderie rather than a cold business deal.


Chloe believes that media management is more than just strategic tasks; it’s an all-inclusive experience of the heart, mind, and soul.


Not only will you receive ample technical instruction, you will also receive inspiring guidance and feedback to help you go higher. You’ll gain a mentor who will always cheer you on and keep you on the right path.


Chloe is a watercolor painter herself, so she has a deep understanding of the feelings, challenges, and hopes that artists and creatives tend to experience.

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