What type of client are you?

Lesson Based

  • Prefers to be in charge of their own accounts and perform all tasks on their own

  • Desire to learn, take notes, and practice on their own time

  • In search of guidance, feedback, and a mentor


Management Based

  • Prefers someone with more experience to manage all of their accounts and perform tasks

  • Difficulty or not a lot of time to take on self-management tasks

  • In search of someone to trust, well-represent them, and take care of their online needs


Services for Lesson Based Clients


These are one-on-one phone or video call consultation sessions with Chloe.


During these private consultations, you and Chloe will go over your goals and will establish a game plan. You will receive honest feedback and will be given clear instructions on how to move forward and grow.


You will also receive a full PDF summary of all things discussed and taught in the session, so you will always have something to refer back to as you move forward on your path.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all meetings and consultations will temporarily be held over the phone or computer. Bright Blossom Communications thanks you for your understanding and patience.

Monthly Subscription for Online Lessons

This feature is coming soon.

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Services for Management Based Clients

Bright Blossom Communications offers a multitude of management services.

For some of us, dealing with technology and keeping up with the ever-changing online world can be frustrating, time-consuming, and difficult.


Here at Bright Blossom Communications, Chloe takes the weight off of client's shoulders and caters to their needs. All tasks are performed in a professional, concise, and appropriate manner that aligns with the client's needs and vision for their online presence.

The best plan to suit your needs will be discussed by phone of email,

as needs differ for each client.

Services include, but are not limited to:


  •     Setup and management of social media accounts such as Instagram & Facebook

  • Setup, upkeep, and management of online stores such as Saatchi, Etsy, etc.

  •  Web design and management via Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, etc.

  • Entering into local, international, and online art exhibtions and programs

  • Help with any and all websites and online endeavors upon request

  • Tutoring, editing, or reviewing for English documents, books, essays, grammar, etc.

  • Miscellaneous online or cellular tasks

While other freelancers and media market companies charge from $50-250 an hour,
Bright Blossom Commuications offers an afforable rate of $30/hr.

The amount of hours per month will differ with each client
and will be decided over a phone call or email.

Clients always have full control over how many hours they are willing to pay for per month,
and Chloe stays within permitted hours of work.

To request an estimate, please contact Chloe by emailing
Response time is within 24 hours.


Patrice Federspiel

Watercolor Instructor

"Chloe began to work with me by first analyzing my Social Media sites and postings. She then suggested a series of things I could do to enhance my postings, both in the short and long term. Chloe understands how to think strategically and tactically. She knows the time constraints many of us are under and can be of great service to enhancing your presence on Social Media."


Instagram: @artofaloha

"Navigating social media can be daunting. Chloe’s expert guidance on the nuances of presentation, information, and timing are extremely helpful whether you are a novice or a veteran of the efforts to get your work seen. I highly recommend her consulting sessions and follow-ups. You will have tons of information to help bring your posts to larger audiences."

Rochelle Weidner

Watercolor & Mixed Media Artist

Artwork: “Habitable Zone” by Rochelle Weidner. Mixed media.

"I was already familiar with Instagram, but learned so much more from Chloe during our one hour phone consultation.  She encouraged me to set up my professional Instagram account and  gave me tips about effective posting, creating catchy captions, and even the best times to post.  She also answered the specific questions I had.  She even followed up with a written summary of our conversation. As a result, I now have my established professional account and am seeing my audience growing.  It’s great!
 I highly recommend Chloe Tomomi for your social media needs."


Instagram: @spadarostudio

Linda Spadaro

Printmaker & Watercolor Artist

Dawn Yoshimura


President of Hawai’i Watercolor Society

“The money spent on my consultation with Chloe was a bargain when I consider all that I got from it. I got pages of actionable, specific things I could do to improve my online presence and a better understanding of social media in general. She helped clarify and distill what was strong in my personal brand--which for an artist is valuable. As an artist, I am always working on and refining my process but branding and marketing is something that I've never felt comfortable with. “

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